Results from Better Options Initiative’s research will be used to assess the psychological damage to Acadiana’s children due to parental conflict. This work will aid in the development and implementation of training and educational programs for mental health workers and family law professionals in Lafayette Parish 15th JCD.

Department of Psychology researched the impact of parental separation and divorce in Acadiana.

Better Options Initiative, Inc. awarded the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Department of Psychology a $35,000 grant to study the mental health consequences in UL Lafayette students related to their exposure to parental loyalty conflicts during childhood and adolescence. The study is an extension of the work of Dr. Amy J. L. Baker and Dr. Marla L. Brassard. Their published study indicated that a child’s exposure to such conflict was significantly linked to measures of child psychological maltreatment and depression. The research was supervised by Dr. Theresa A. Wozencraft, Director of the Stress, Coping & Wellness Laboratory in the Psychology Department.

Research Initiatives 2018-2020

  1. “Child Psychological Abuse in Families Affected by High-Conflict Separation and Divorce: Applications for Child Protective Service Workers,” by Eric Green, Amie Myrick, Yang Yang, and Rachel Stephens.
  2. “Enhancing Child Assessment Procedures of Psychological Abuse for Child Protection Service Investigators Through Professional Development Training,” by Yang Yang, Eric Green, Amie Myrick, & Rachel Stephens.
  3. “Decreasing Toxic Parenting, Psychological Control, and Parental Alienation: Reunification Therapy Court-Mandated Cases Regarding Contact Refusal,” by Eric Green, Hung-Chu Lin, Amie Myrick, Walter Camos, & Rachel Stephens.
  4. “Play Therapy with Children and Families Affected by High Conflict Divorce: Increasing Attachment,” by Eric Green, Amie Myrick, Walter Camos, & Rachel Stephens.
  5. “Attachment Anxiety in Adult Children Exposed to Parental Conflict: Relations to Somatic and Depressive Symptoms,” by Hung-Chu Lin, Yang Yang, & Luke Elliott.
  6. “Correlations Between Psychological Control and Health-risk Outcomes: The Role of Individuals and Community Factors,” by Yang Yang, Hung-Chu Lin, & Manyu Li.

Replication and Extension of Fabricius and Luecken Study

BOI funded a $70,000 grant to the Psychology Department at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to study the long-term physical health results for children of divorce and to examine characteristics of the findings unique to the population of Acadiana. This work will contribute to intervention programs to minimize stress and reduce harmful effects on the citizens of Acadiana. University researchers have presented their findings from this project at regional, national, and international conferences and will submit manuscripts based on the results of this study to peer-reviewed journals. The research results will also be used to educate the community about the physical and psychological consequences of experiencing parental divorce. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Dr. Eric Green at (337) 534-0325 or email at

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To eliminate harm to Acadiana's children due to parental conflict.