Children’s Bill of Rights in Divorce

Our mission at BOI is to eliminate harm to children as a result of parental conflict.

We think the rights listed below are a great resource for parents with children going through separation or divorce.

  1. Children have:
    • The right to be treated as an interested and affected person and not as a pawn or possession
    • The right to love each parent, without feeling guilt, pressure or rejection
    • The right to love, care, discipline and protection from both parents
    • The right to not choose sides or be asked to decide where they want to live
    • The right to express their feelings about the divorce, such as anger, sadness or fear
    • The right to a positive and constructive on-going relationship with each parent
    • The right not to make adult decisions
    • The right to remain a child, without being asked to take on parental responsibilities, or be an adult companion or friend to parents
    • The right to the most adequate level of economic support that can be provided by the best efforts of both parents
    • The right to not participate in the painful games parents play to hurt each other, or be put in the middle of their battles

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To eliminate harm to Acadiana's children due to parental conflict.