Better Options
Co-Parenting Program


Working together with the best interest of the child at heart.


  • 5 group sessions across a 9 week period
  • Separate groups for Mom and Dad
  • All parental communication monitored
  • Feedback and coaching provided
Program is court-ordered. Call today to reserve your spot.

Call: 337-237-0788




Session One

  • Discuss past events and begin looking forward to effective co-parenting
  • Understand grief as it relates to separation and/or divorce
  • Start to overcome automatic assumptions about the other parent and start giving the benefit of the doubt
  • Open the lines of communication with the other parent by sending a picture of your child

Session Two

  • Learn the importance of forgiving the other parent for the sake of your child/children
  • Increase skills for healthy communication with the other parent by regarding them as a business partner
  • Utilize specific communication skills, such as “I”-statements and BIFF (brief, informative, friendly, and firm)
  • Start sharing importance information with the other parents regarding your child/children’s medical history, school schedule, and extracurriculars

Session Three

  • Understand the impact of unhealthy communication on your child/children
  • Reinforce productive communication skills learned in previous sessions
  • Define the concept and symptoms of Parental Alienation including how it impacts a child and how to avoid perpetuating it
  • Explore how you may be sending the wrong message to your child/ children about their other parent

Session Four

  • Work together with the other parent to develop common rules and expectations for your child/children
  • Make respectful requests from the other parent
  • How to de-escalate conflicts when communication gets unprofessional or heated
  • Minimize behaviors which cause your child/children to feel “stuck in the middle” between both parents
  • Learn how to address input from outside sources such as parents and other relatives

Session Five

  • Learn how to work together with the other to enforce household rules and consequences across households
  • Utilize positive reinforcement strategies with your child/children to increase desired behaviors
  • Review skills learned in the program and continue practicing healthy communication with the other parent

To eliminate harm to Acadiana's children due to parental conflict.