Dr. Eric Green

A letter from our Executive Director:

Welcome to Better Options Initiative (BOI). We are a small non-profit located in Lafayette, LA. Our mission is to eliminate harm to Acadiana’s children due to parental conflict associated with divorce or separation. We view the integration of mental health, judicial, spiritual, and sociological perspectives as a multidisciplinary approach to eradicate parental alienation in the Lafayette 15th Judicial District Court.   I’ve dedicated my life to working with children to improve their mental health outcomes; and I remain optimistic that one day much of the darkness children experience will be lifted. I proudly serve as Executive Director of BOI. We empower families who need access to coaching on being effective communicators. In our New Beginnings Program, recently divorced parents learn how to turn their lives around as they also turn around the lives of their vulnerable children who are often caught in the middle of adult conflict. Before joining this foundation, I served as a tenured associate professor of counseling (child psych) and administrator at the University of North Texas in Dallas, TX and Purdue University in West Lafayette, LA. I’ve also served as a part-time faculty associate in play therapy/ child psych since 2005 at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education in Baltimore, MD. As children’s mental well-being is my primary research focus, I’m the author and co-editor of five recent books on the psychotherapeutic treatment of children and families, including “The Handbook of Jungian Play Therapy” and “No Child Forgotten.” BOI’s primary objective is to change societal attitudes regarding parental alienation—mainly we aim to increase awareness of the pernicious effects of parental conflict on young children during their emerging and impressionable psychological development. If BOI is able to change people’s attitudes and prevent children from being placed in the middle of family arguments, as well as educate parents about the long-lasting effects that family conflict has on children, we will have accomplished our mission. Please feel free to navigate through our website. Information about our Research Initiatives, the New Beginnings Program on Parental Education, our Rooted Program at UL conducted in partnership with The Family Tree, the reunification therapy of Walter Camos, support groups facilitated through Dr. Donna Aucoin, and much more, will guide you to learn about the free programming sponsored by BOI. We have also forged a dynamic partnership with the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS), which centers around increasing professional development for DCFS staff in their assessment of abused children.  I encourage you to share BOI’s message and website with family, friends or co-workers who may benefit from the seminal efforts and empirical data demonstrating benefit to children and families in conflict. We also have an active Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube account…. please consider “liking” us or “following” us. We will be holding episodic raffles on Facebook…stay tuned.  Finally, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of our friendly staff (Art Kleiner- VP; Rachel Stephens- Assistant to the Exec Director; and Brenda Bryant- Executive Assistant) should you have questions, concerns, or perhaps want to volunteer your time at our organization. We welcome you, our community constituents, who want to join in on making strides to reduce the psychological harm children face when caught in high conflict divorce. We foster an inclusive environment, where multiple perspectives are valued.  Now, please sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy (a) our brand new brightly-colored logo, (b) new program offerings for parents/children, (c) new social media platforms showcasing our high quality CEU offerings, (d) new research initiatives with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Graduate Psychology Program; (e) a myriad of informative, professionally-produced videos/podcasts/and psycho-educational resources to help parents and children heal, and (f) upcoming CEU offerings featuring nationally recognized scholars in the field of parental conflict and child trauma.  And if this isn’t enough to satisfy your interest, feel free to stop by our brick and mortar shop (behind Alesi’s Pizza off Johnson Street) and pick up a new BOI coffee mug and/or hat- we’ve got plenty for you and your entire family.


As of January 2019, the New Beginnings Program will be administrated by our partners at The Family Tree. Please click below to register.

Parental Conflict Doesn’t Have to Hurt Kids

Upholding the needs of our children over the wants of parents: BOI educates Acadiana’s citizens and community leaders about how to better identify, manage, and intervene in cases where parental conflict threatens the well-being of children.

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To eliminate harm to Acadiana's children due to parental conflict.